The fourth chakra is the centre of affection, compassion quiz help forgiveness within the bodys energy system. When the guts chakra is blocked we are unable examination help love ourselves quiz help the others. In the actual aspect, americans customarily suffer from poor flow, in emotional level we lack empathy, quiz help we lack devotion in the spiritual aspect. The fourth chakra is the centre of the problems of affection, grief, hatred, anger, jealousy, fears of betrayal, loneliness, quiz help the means exam help heal ourselves quiz help the others. Hawthorn berries added examination help tea or tincture augment your trust in life quiz help inspire ourself exam help observe our heart quiz help feel safe doing it. In actual element, it strengthens heart quiz help blood vessels. 3 Research Strategy: Case StudyIt is important for the researcher exam help use exam help case study as it helps examination help greater take into account the tendencies quiz help events that defines the research quiz help according exam help Bryman 2000, the case study strategy aids within the profound study of the phenomenon on which the analysis is predicated. Case research are used in describing the entities that form exam help unmarried aspect. The case study is nice as it adds assistance which are lacking in other strategies quiz help it employs different data collection method in acquiring the advice. This study uses the case study method in describing the psychological contract within the public sector. It have to be noted even though that the case study approach has its own limitations. According exam help Hancock 2002, the case study method may not provide suggestions that’s the actual consultant of what is obtained in common.