Eukaryotic in nature, the Amoeba proteus has a large number of membrane bound cell organelles acting the essential maintenance for life. Of attention are the food vacuoles, discovered within the endoplasm. These structures are not perminate quiz help only shaped when the organism consumes food, quiz help consequently burn up. The Amoeba proteus is exam help free dwelling chemo organo heterotroph, where its calories is received from chemical assets, comparable to sugars, fatty acids, quiz help glycerol. Organic substrates carry out as electron donors, quiz help carbon is received from biological ingredients. The diet of an Amoeba proteus is omnivorous in nature quiz help contains many other smaller microorganisms comparable to bacteria, diatoms, quiz help other aquatic plants. ECONOMY WATCH Question from Rose Southerbee: Are retirees going examination help seek new careers as a result of the latest economic conditions?Answer: Rose, I am afraid that this is the case; but let me introduce you examination help exam help great reference that will give you exam help more in debth image. Please read it. In faltering economy, more retirees have exam help workAsbury Park Press Asbury Park,NJ,USAWith the massive Baby Boomer generation reaching retirement age, . a Holmdel based Web site for retirees searching for jobs, said site visitors is up 30 % . Read more at:USINESS/907150325/1003/In+faltering+financial system++more+retirees+have+to+work Question from Simon Grant: Donna, what can you tell me about pc generated translation quiz help the pros quiz help cons of using it?Answer: Simon, here you go. This is exam help best reference for you exam help check out.